The Genji Workout

In honor of the One Year Anniversary mark for Overwatch, I put together a fun little workout based on the cybornetic ninja Genji. Fast, agile, acrobatic and extremely hard to hit, Genji is the guy you either love or hate when you’re playing the game.

This workout is based around three elements that Genji is sure to have in his workouts

  • Calisthetics –  As a character who can double jump, dash in a blink of an eye, and climb walls, Genji needs to make sure every ounce of his body is helping him perform the action he wants, and by focusing on body weight exercises such as muscle ups, hand stand push ups etc he can make sure his body is an asset as opposed to a liability.
  • Balance –  as a master of acrobatics, balance exercises are an essential part in Genji’s workout regime
  • Core – The core is like the trunk of a tree, its the foundation for the body through which all movement in one way or another goes through. When you have an extremely strong core, the rest of your body is stronger because of it.

So check it out below and let me know what other character’s workout you’d like to see!


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