How Gal Gadot Physically Transformed from Super Model to Super Hero

Finally joined the party and saw Wonder Woman this past week and it is great on so many levels. It’s more than just a summer action flick, if I could compare it to food its like the perfectly crafted fruit smoothie that blends together many ingredients accentuating the flavor to something even greater than the sum of its parts. Full of heavy hard hitting punches and action, it is a superhero movie after all, there was also comedy that came from Steve Pine and his soldier comrades, a bit of romance between Wonder Woman and Steve Pine, and even a sense of drama as you can feel the gravity of the World War setting in which the movie took place.

But this is a fitness site, so lets focus on the real star which is Gal Gadot who plays Dianna Prince aka Wonder Woman and what it took for her to get into the physical shape of the superhero. Gal Gadot, being a former super model was already in good shape but Wonder Woman is no supermodel, she’s a super hero, with strong functional muscles needed to flip tanks, scale buildings, and deal out loads of pain to the bad guys. So Gal actually had to gain muscle for this movie, 17 lbs of muscle to be exact. Training almost every day she dedicated two hours towards strength training with Hollywood personal trainer Mark Twight. Her program emphasized power, metabolic conditioning, and total body functional strength training. Below is an example of a workout she did.

Before training, Gal Gadot  could not do a single pullup, but now she could do 7 sets of 3 pullups at a time.

When it came to nutrition, surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) Gal Gadot did not have to change much for her diet as she already follows a healthy and just as important, sustainable diet. She did have to eat more to gain weight but she says its all about measurement and respecting your food. Here are some guidelines she lives by that can benefit anybody looking to get fitter.

  I look at food as fuel and I want to give the best to my body ~ Gal Gadot

Food as Fuel
When you start to look at food as an energy source you start looking for the best quality ingredients that will keep your body healthy and strong. This perspective makes food less about taste and more about life and having the energy to enjoy it to the fullest.

Gal’s Gallon of Water
Gal drank about a gallon of water a day when training. Water is life, you’ll feel more energized and less fatigued with more water running through your body. You will also eat less calories throughout the day as well, by replacing other beverages like juices and soda which contain lots of calories but also you will feel fuller throughout the day avoiding any unwanted binges and overeating.

For meals Gal Gadot puts on her plate lean meats and just as many vegetables. A nutritiously dense combo meaning you get a lot of nutrients per calories versus junk food which yields very little nutrition per calorie.


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and if you haven’t seen the movie yet do yourself a favor and check it out!

What did you guys think of Wonder Woman? Let me know down below.


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