Dynamic Stretching & Drills

I used to be someone who thought warm ups weren’t all that important. Sure I might hop on the treadmill for a couple minutes or twist my torso around a few times but that was it. But I was wrong, not only do warm ups reduce the risk of injury but research has proven it can increase performance as well, improving the efficiency and benefits of your workout.

Dynamic stretching which is what the video showcases is the act of stretching through motion, different from a static stretch where you hold a pose for a long period of time. This type of warm up really primes your body enhancing your performance, especially if you are doing stretches that mimic movements in the upcoming workout. For example, if you are running, or doing let workouts, long lunges are a great dynamic stretch.

Examples in the video move your body in multiple directions and the drills at the end can get your heart rate up, let us know down in the comments what type of warm ups you like to do.


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