Rocksteady Training’s aims to build a downright awesome and unique community comprised of both athletes and nerds who have a desire to become stronger and healthier.  Rocksteady aims to provide the tools, systems, and support needed to enhance the mindset and body to reach their fullest, fittest potential and beyond.

As someone who’s first interest were video games, science, fiction, and anime, being a nerd is ingrained into my very bones, but as I grew exercise and fitness also became a fundamental part of who I am. So much of the content will be focused on fitness training, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle but don’t be supersized if you see it in a “nerdy” way, it’s what makes it fun.

Currently specializing in online training to allow clients to train conveniently and comfortably from their own homes. With just a little bit of equipment, a little bit of time dedicated every day, great things will happen. I look forward to joining you in your physical journey!