Maximize Your Workouts by Combining it with the Proper Nutrition

One key concept that is important to understand in order for anyone to reach their fitness goals is that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, like Batman and Robin, Bert and Ernie, or cookies and milk. They are essentially two sides of the same coin that when combined, create synergistic benefits that are much … Continue reading Maximize Your Workouts by Combining it with the Proper Nutrition


Captain America’s July 4th Smoothie If Captain America had a go to smoothie, this would be it. With a blend of red, white, and blue (they're kind of purple but close enough), fruits and vegetables this smoothie is perfect for sipping on while celebrating July 4th! Here's the recipe 1.5 cup coconut water 1 cup strawberries 1/3 cup cherries … Continue reading Captain America’s July 4th Smoothie

The Hawkeye Smoothie This smoothie today is called the Hawkeye smoothie, why? Because its purple like the superhero. But there's another reason and that's because hawks have superior vision in the animal kingdom, and this smoothie has both carrots and blueberries which are immensely beneficial for eye health. They prevent conditions such as macular degeneration of the … Continue reading The Hawkeye Smoothie

The Green Lantern Smoothie So here's a great smoothie that I love to make in the morning. It's based off an old Filipino snack that I loved to eat growing up which was simply avocados and milk with some sweetener. Here I take that up a notch boosting its nutritional value with more nuts and vegetables to help … Continue reading The Green Lantern Smoothie