Rocksteady Training

Rocksteady HIIT Workouts: Train hard and press on with others in our group HIIT workouts! High intensity bouts with specifically timed amounts of rests will challenge your stamina and strength and bring you closer to your achieving your physical goals and the body you want!

Rocksteady Personal Training: Make your training more personal by working with Sebastian one on one. If you are local you can train in person, or you can also train through the online program


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Maximize Your Workouts by Combining it with the Proper Nutrition

One key concept that is important to understand in order for anyone to reach their fitness goals is that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, like Batman and Robin, Bert and Ernie, or cookies and milk. They are essentially two sides of the same coin that when combined, create synergistic benefits that are much … Continue reading Maximize Your Workouts by Combining it with the Proper Nutrition

The Hawkeye Smoothie

This smoothie today is called the Hawkeye smoothie, why? Because its purple like the superhero. But there’s another reason and that’s because hawks have superior vision in the animal kingdom, and this smoothie has both carrots and blueberries which are immensely beneficial for eye health. They prevent conditions such as macular degeneration of the eye … Continue reading The Hawkeye Smoothie

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